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Ormen den lange

61'' x 77''
(The Long Serpent)
Foto series which shows how the quilt top was "built"
select fabrics Selecting the fabrics. There had to be two different yellow/orange gradations with 12 fabrics in each, one bright for the front swirl, and one a little shadier for the back swirl. Not very easy to find so many yellows in the "pink and blue period". Purple/violet/magentas for the background.
cut and sew Cut strips, sew together and cut again.
build front swirl Build the front swirl on the design wall. build back swirl Build the back swirl.
build background Build the background. finished background Background finished. Everything is just pinned to the wall.
green serpent Some patches were ripped out and replaced with a variety of lime green patches to form the long green serpent. Then the top was sewn together. detail Detail of the finished quilt.
ormen lange finished quilt
Finished quilt to the left.

I have now published the pattern for this quilt.


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