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Small projects

Small quilted projects made over the years in patchwork, applique or fabric folding techniques.

Simple bag with photo fabric panels on each side, - one of them set into an oval frame.

Go here to download a free pattern for this bag.

applique bags for sale

Bags with mosaic applique

See more details on my blog.

patchwork table runner with applique tulips

Table runner made of patchwork squares and machine appliqued tulips.
Approx. 32'' x 14''     2004
Pattern here.
Many years ago I learned about Somerset patchwork, and I made this pillow cover after first having tried a few simpler blocks.
All the folded triangles are made of bias tape.

I have had many requests for a pattern for this pillow, and finally it is now available as a downloadable pattern.

For the sake of greater accuracy and consistent measurements, the pattern makes use of fabric strips, not ready made bias tape.
pillow cover made in Somerset patchwork
bag made with blocks in fabric folding technique

In this bag I have included some blocks made in fabric folding technique.

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