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September - Autumn surprise

It has been raining for weeks, several weakened tropical storms have passed and dumped the water they have collected for us on their way across the Atlantic. Rivers and creeks that usually are almost invisible, swell, then die down a bit before they swell again. When popping my head outside in between showers the sound of hundreds of close and distant waterfalls fill the air.

The weather fails to inspire my creativity despite the cheerful choir of sewing ladies pronouncing rainy weather to be perfect sewing weather, - not this time it is.

One morning as I cast a glance at the swollen creek that tumbles down the rocks just a few yards from our bedroom window, I suddenly notice a spot of colour in a neglected corner of the garden. I open the window wider to have a look, - I could not remember having planted anything in that particular spot, and besides, most of the summer flowers are gone by now.

And there, - seemingly sprung up during the night to surprise me, - is a whole bunch of mushrooms with red and white-spotted hats, looking at their most advantageous against the backdrop of thoroughly soaked moss and fern.

During the day I watched for a break between showers so I could dash out and take some pictures without having my camera ruined, and in the late afternoon I got my chance.




Autumn sometimes has surprises in store.
Suddenly I can see several quilts coming out of this.
Will they happen? - Time will show.

After doing fabric collage with small scraps, I tried my hand at the mushrooms.
A couple of the results can be seen here.

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